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Not so quick n dirty iPhone controlled garage door.

Alright, so I lied in the last post. It didn't work well at all. The software had a memory leak and crashed often. The software was incredibly slow. The AMD Geode PC overheats trying to run XP, and is also UNBEARABLY slow. The wireless network signal was weak, and it didn't have any kind of feedback to tell me the garage door was open or closed. It just sucked.

So I started over:
The same Velleman K8055 USB Interface board.
Used a better mini PC this time. A P4 based box with 768MB of ram. (At least it has SOME grunt)
A high power wireless bridge for network connectivity (good signal now).
An Axis IP webcam to keep an eye on things.
It has magnetic reed switches on the door connected to the K8055 digital inputs to detect when it is opened or closed.
All sitting pretty on a little shelf near the ceiling.

I wrote all new software from scratch. A web based PHP front end running on my webserver. The PHP script communicates directly with the VB program running on the PC, and gives realtime status and control of the door, webcam view, and the VB software even sends me SMS messages when the door is open, closed, or jammed!
Its pretty slick now! Commands are nearly instant, and I can see the status of the door from anywhere.
Need to add security before I can show off the front end to you guys...


DashFest.com server upgrade

Im building up a new server with a bit more Oomph:

New server

Drives galore!


Hello world!

So I spent the last couple of days figuring out how to get PHP/MySQL/Wordpress working in IIS on my Windows 2003 Server box.  The main reason was to get my wife's blog up on our own server, so she could have complete flexibilty/control of everything.  Her page is @ http://www.ashdash.com .  My blog is somewhat of a side result.  With a big more fiddling, I figured out how to have 1 server host 2 different domains/websites!

Neat stuffs!

Here is a pic of the piece of crap quadruple rebuilt emachines server Im running: