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$357 Gixxer progress

Lots of things fixed on the bike so far:

  • New triple tree clamp.
  • New levers.
  • New grips and throttle twist. (Had the wrong one installed)
  • New ram air ducts, and boots.
  • Made a new bracket for the front brake reservoir.
  • Fixed the choke (creatively).
  • Fixed the passenger seat lock release cable.
  • New right passenger peg.
  • Removed the ghetto mirror and front blinker relocation. Will be putting on flush mount blinkers.
  • Knocked the bondo plugs out of the original blinker mount holes on the fairings.
  • Spent 2 hours restoring the hacked up front harness to new condition, then Penny destroyed it. :( (Gotta get another now)
  • Removed all the ghetto taillight/plate bracket crap. (This was especially Ghettofabulous!)
  • Began attempt of stripping the paint off the windsheild with DOT4 brake fluid. I hear it doesnt harm plastic.
  • Replaced numerous missing bolts holding plastics together.
  • Some cleaning.
  • Its also now temp registered, insured, and new title arrived.


Still plenty to do, but getting closer. Waiting on many parts still. I took the bike for a longer couple of rides. Runs amazingly well dispite the cosmetic abuse!

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