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$357 Gixxer update

I pulled the carbs, and cleaned them Saturday, but it still didnt run right. I noticed there is a vacuum line coming off the #3 intake manifold with nothing hooked up. I plug the line and it revs SOMEWHAT better. There is also another disconnected vacuum "T" underneith the carbs. Connected them together, and it revs out fine now.
Take it for a spin, and it still isnt right... Missing a lot, and mostly running on 3 cyl. Pulled the coils and made sure they were clean/dry.... No go.
The vacuum lines that I connected together didnt fit snug, and I had a feeling that these dont connect together. I look in the manual, and find the line coming off the intake actually goes to the bottom of the fuel petcock, as its vacuum actuated.  However the nipple is broken off the valve!  The next day I realized the bottom half of the petcock looks VERY similar to the one on my old 82' GS750EZ.  I had a couple of spares, and I removed the bottom to see if it fits the gixxer's valve.  Not quite, the holes were off by about a half a MM.  Drilled the holes out slightly bigger and it fit.  Screwed it onto the gixxer's valve, and tested using my breath.  It works!  Put the tank back on.

Fuel Valve

That sorted out the fuel valve, but I still didnt know where the T junction vacuum connector goes that comes off a pair of solenoids on the bottom of the carbs.  The manual does NOT mention these!  After some looking around I see a drain on the bottom of the airbox that has a small hole at the bottom.  Bingo, that isnt a drain, its where the vacuum hooks up.

Vacuum Lines

Took it for another spin, and it now runs GREAT!!


Now I just need to take care of the cosmetics, and a few other things.  I've already ordered about $250 worth of parts on ebay to get started.

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