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Mac Classic Web Server

Last night I tossed this together:

Mac Classic Web Server (Down indefinately, I was sick of it running)

Its a Mac Classic, with 4MB RAM, 40MB HDD, and a Dayna Pocket SCSI/Link T Adapter. (Yep, this ethernet adapter runs on SCSI)

Running MacOS 7.0.1, MacTCP  V2.0.4, MacHTTP 2.2


We'll see how long I leave it running.

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2 comments on “Mac Classic Web Server

  1. Nick D on said:

    Hi, First of all, this is an impressive feat. I have a Macintosh Plus that I’m slowly working on to see how much functionality I can squeeze out of one of these old machines. My question for you is this: does that Daynalink box plug into the LocalTalk port or the SCSI port? I’ve searched high and low online for something to give my Plus ethernet connection and literally the only thing I can find that is actually available to buy is an Asante EtherTalk bridge for the LocalTalk port. I was wondering if you have any insight as to whether that device and/or that port will help me achieve some kind of TCP/IP connection (whether its network data sharing or internet browsing). Any advice on that matter as well as where I might be able to find old hardware for doing such a thing would be a great help!
    Nick D.

  2. Its a SCSI –> Ethernet bridge. It was actually a pretty smooth setup!

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