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Quick n dirty iPhone controlled garage door

Soo uh... There is a PC connected to my garage door. Is that wrong?

I saw this piece on hackaday today, and thought I'd give it a shot with a different method. I actually managed to complete it in 3 hours!

I had one of these sitting around:

Its a Presidian PIC-1MM Personal Internet Communicator I picked up at the DI for $5. Its basically a tiny low power AMD Geode powered PC running Windows CE. I hacked the BIOS on it a while back and installed Windows XP (requires a BIOS hack to run a custom OS). It currently has a Cisco AE1000 wireless dongle for network connectivity. All running fine from a 12v 1.5amp brick.

Next part:

This is a Velleman K8055 USB Interface board. It allows you to control numerous inputs and outputs via USB digitally, or analog. I built it a while back for an abandoned project, and had no use for it. The relay connected to the side is what activates the garage door opener "button". The capacitor/resistor combo just above it allows the relay to click momentarily, even if the output is constant. We don't want to hold the garage door button down. :)

Now we just toss it all on top of the door opener:

The software:
This is a K8055 "Bridge" that runs in windows, and allows any iOS device to control the K8055 from anywhere. There is a $3 app in the iTunes store to install on the phone. Its secured with a "key" to prevent other phones from connecting.

...and thats it! It works great! I will probably eventually write my own software, as the K8055 Bridge software is clunky.

4 comments on “Quick n dirty iPhone controlled garage door

  1. How did you hack to bios for windows XP to work?

  2. Jason Pepas on said:

    Hi, I just picked up one of these AMD PIC machines. How did you hack the BIOS? I need to do the same in order to run Linux. Thanks!

  3. Dipako on said:

    Hello, have you managed with the BIOS hack? I also have a machine that seriously needs. Thanks in advance.

  4. Jason Pepas on said:

    Hi Dipako, I managed to track down a copy of the unlocked BIOS. https://github.com/pepaslabs/amd-pic-linux

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