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Harbor freight saves the day again!

Harbor freight is an interesting place.. You either hate the quality of the tools, and never shop there. Or, like me, you love it cus it has hard to find specialized tools, for DIRT cheap, and conveniently located.

Im currently in the process of removing, and remounting the plastics on the gixxer properly. During dissassemly, I noticed that numerous points are mounted directly to the hollow aluminum frame, via threaded steel inserts. Many of these inserts have been destroyed by the previous owner shoving wood screws in them, stripping them out, or forcing them to the point where they completely fall out. I thought I was screwed (HAH!), and would have to tig weld, or solder some small nuts in there place.

Harbor freight saves the day! $16.99 buys you a "nutsert" clone riveted nut insert gun, and $10 buys you 100 inserts!!


2 comments on “Harbor freight saves the day again!

  1. lyle conroy on said:

    need nutset and instructions I have gun.

  2. lyle conroy on said:

    need nutset and instructions I have gun.Credit card ending with 0624 on file

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