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Tabletop Tesla Coil

I built this little guy today.

It works pretty good considering it was built in less than 6 hrs, and being poorly tuned.  I tossed it together with junk I had around. Nothing was calculated or measured. Arcs are about 5-6" so far

The secondary diameter is smaller than a quarter.  I just wrapped ~33awg magnet wire around a piece of PVC pipe until I felt satisfied with its height.  The solid copper primary sits upon some ceramic insulators salvaged from an old runway strobe.  The box is some 3M marketing shwag.  The transformer is a 10kv that I found in a box of junk from an auction long ago.  Not sure on the current, probably about 10-20ma.  The tank cap is a Sprague 4nf doorknob.  An acrylic box from Ikea, with 2 carriage bolts makes up the sparkgap.  I'm running it though a variac, and found the cap begins to fail around 80v input, so it needs a better cap. Topload for now is a tennis ball wrapped in aluminum foil. Not much else to it.


Here's a vid:

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