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Game-tendo (Portable NES in a Gameboy)

I built and almost finished this project LOOONG ago, but abandoned it due to a fried LCD. I found a new suitable screen for $2 at the DI and decided to finish it.

Here's the guts (minus wiring):

Pretty straight forward.
The "NOAC" (NES On A Chip) was salvaged from a "Power Player" pirated NES system.
The LCD is one pulled from an Intec PS2 portable screen+controller combo.
The controls are the original game boy button board, trimmed to fit, and re-wired to a genuine NES controller shift register.
Wire it all up, and you got a portable NES!
Its still not quite finished. Need a battery and voltage regulator, as the NOAC takes 5vdc and the LCD needs 9vdc. Needs a simple audio amp for sound.
Other than that its good to go!

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